Learning Journal week 5

Reflect on CIT course

Business foundation course in Bellerbys college is a mixture of exciting and interesting subjects. And CIT is one of them. For me, the purpose of studying this course is to understand how to work with computers and programs such as Excel and Word, have my Blog where I can share my attitudes towards many issues. I strongly believe that I would need this in my future career and university life and therefore try hard to understand this subject and learn it. For me, it was always hard to deal with computer technologies as I have never used none of the programs that I have mentioned above. Therefore, from the very beginning of course I have found many things hard. However, I have been asking for help of my teacher and classmates and we had discussions about hard tasks which helped me understand some topics further. However, despite the fact that I am doing my best to understand what we are learning during CIT classes, I still find it hard to cope with some issues. So, for instance, I would like to learn more about Excel and Word programs and gain more experience in dealing with them. It is essential to mention that I absolutely love the way we are taught CIT here, in Bellerbys college. We do all work straight in a class and can always ask a teacher for a help if it is needed or discuss some issues with classmates.

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