Learning Journal week 6

Reflect on term overall

I am doing Business Foundation in Bellerbys college and during the year I have studied many different and absolutely interesting subjects , which have been changing each term. Those modules include accounting, business studies, economics, English studies(FES 1 , FES 2 ,FES3), CIT classes and Business Maths. All this subjects differ from each other, but one thing they all have in common: they all are related to business. So some of them specialize of essay writing, some require an ability to calculate and some are theory based. Subjects like FES1, FES2, FES3 and CIT- are coursework based, so we do not have to write an exam(except FES1), due to the fact that we are doing courseworks and tasks each lesson. This term I have been doing Business 2 Studies, Business maths, FES 3 and CIT classes. I found out an ability to work with programs like Excel and Work, lead my virtual diary through WordPress due to CIT classes, which is a massive step for me as i have always struggled with dealing with computers. Moreover, I have justified myself again how interesting and exciting I find business subject because of Business Studies 2.Me, and my classmates have enjoyed the way our teacher has been teaching us, our classes have always been fun and smart, bringing not just knowledge, but positive emotions too. I have also realized that I can understand Maths, which I have been hating all my life, and do well on lessons. Although, It was very hard for me to cope with my negative attitude towards Maths. I have learnt how to deal with deadlines as the term is very short and there was no chance to delay work. I have noticed that last term made the relationships in our class much more closer. We have been having a dinner out with our Business Studies teacher and previous Economics teacher, which was very friendly and cute. We had a lot of fun on May Ball and took some touching and funny pictures( which I have inserted in this post) made really good memories. Also, I found out that some girls from my groop are going to the same university as me, which is Durham. This is a very good news for me and I hope we will stay in tough with my groopmates in future life.
Talking about myself, this term made me more organized and responsible. As the term was very short, it was quite hard to catch up with workload, we had to cover too many things at a short period of time. This is espesially hard to do when the weather in Brighton is sunny, warm and perfect and it is complicated to concentrate on studying. Nevertheless, I have done my best to succeed in studies.
My opinions and attitudes have also changed during my studies. So , by finishing this term,the year in Bellerbys is also finishing, which made me think about how my life has changed here. And I have realized that I became an adult, whereas I came here as a child. Learning so many subjects broadens my horizons and makes me interested in many things at the same time. I have started being interested in news, politic situations and world wide issues, different cultures and countries and many more things. This, in my opinion, is an invaluable experience for me and for everyone who have been studying here, at Bellerbys college. And I strongly believe that the memories of being here-will be the ones I am going to take through my whole life. I am very thankful for this experience.

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