My hobby

In this post, I would like to tell you about one of the hobbies that I have- a saxophone. I am a professional saxophone player. I have been playing saxophone for more than 5 years already and absolutely enjoy it. I am a huge fan of jazz music, which made me choose this kind of […]

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Book Review

In this post, I would like to share the review about one amazing and the breathtaking book that I have read recently- “The Thorn Birds”.There has been a very smooth transition: the book begins with the complex relationship between stepfather and stepson, continuing maturation of other children in the family Cleary, there is a selection […]

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Learning Journal week 6

Reflect on term overall I am doing Business Foundation in Bellerbys college and during the year I have studied many different and absolutely interesting subjects , which have been changing each term. Those modules include accounting, business studies, economics, English studies(FES 1 , FES 2 ,FES3), CIT classes and Business Maths. All this subjects differ […]

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Learning Journal week 5

Reflect on CIT course Business foundation course in Bellerbys college is a mixture of exciting and interesting subjects. And CIT is one of them. For me, the purpose of studying this course is to understand how to work with computers and programs such as Excel and Word, have my Blog where I can share my […]

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Learning Journal week 4

Reflect on English course I am studying this course to improve my English skills and become more fluent speaker. I have enjoyed the way I was taught English in Bellerbys college so far due to lessons being funny and interesting and the atmosphere being friendly and exciting. It was difficult for me to get used […]

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Learning Journal week 3

Reflect on the main subject of your studies  I am doing Business Foundation and the main subject is Business studies. I am studying this course because I would like to work in Business and Management area in future and study this area further in the university. I have learned a lot of things so far, […]

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Learning Journal week 2

Reflect on studying in the UK and your country. I am from Belarus and the school where I studied there differs from Bellerbys college where I study now considerably in many ways. This, in general, is common to every school in my country comparing to schools in the UK. To begin with, teaching styles are […]

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